Why Ro's Organics?

In 2016, I received my last keratin relaxer. I made one of the best decisions of my life, which was going natural. I spent many years watching youTube videos, reading blogs and articles, and conducting my own research as well. Thanks to the natural hair blogs, gurus, and you-tubers, I learned about the many damaging chemicals put into relaxers and hair products. A lot of the "so-called" natural hair care products had many chemicals that are damaging to the health and well-being of many women, more specifically black women. 

My transitioning journey was a tough one and I was so ready to give up. I stuck through it and decided to cut off the remaining relaxer strands in December 2017. While in this journey, I learned how important it is to incorporate natural products into your regimen. 

My first natural DIY product was my "aloe remedy" spray. I was using it almost every day and my hair took a turn for the better. I saw that I was retaining length and shedding decreased dramatically. So I bring you all fresh, natural, vegan and organic products. Each handcrafted with tender, love, and care. Another staple product in my journey was tea rinses. Our lemongrass and moringa tea rinse comes straight from my backyard. Our co-founder, chief financial officer (CFO) and also my wonderful mom, Carolyn takes care of the lemongrass and moringa. 

Why natural products you may ask? The amount of chemicals in most store bought products are insane. Most of them have chemical preservatives and very few, if none, have natural preservatives to prolong shelf life. Well, Ro's Organics uses only natural preservatives such as cloves, sorbic acid, and citrus fruit juices directly from the fruit. 

And yes! Our products works wonders on any hair type whether it be curly, wavy or straight hair. So head on over to our products page and start your healthy hair journey with Ro's Organics. 

Unlock your full potential and bloom with Ro’s Organics!!!! 


We send Peace, Love, and Happiness,

Sarah Royer (Founder and CEO)

Carolyn Francis-Royer (Co-Founder and CFO)